To participate in the exhibition to enterprises is of great significance, can low cost at the show to discover new clients, according to the survey, through the exhibition of excavation clients to lower the average cost of 40%, and that such the customer is more consultation of the client, the turnover rate higher. since it is to participate in the exhibition, then have to bring the exhibits, but if you're going to show you is a new product models i 've never done, you need to do a small prototype, because made by hand the amount of time and costs are relatively low, the prototype looks at the same time also was comparable with real products, we can do uav model.

The drone is using radio remote control equipment and bring their own procedures for control device manipulation of manned aircraft, pilotless aircraft is no longer just a toy, but set filming, mapping and rescue and many other features in an integrated aircraft, want to develop this product needs in products after the completion of the design drawings, first do a uav prototype out certification.