Game industry

    Plastic prototype is done before mould products in product development model, with the purpose of judging product prototype design is reasonable, need to be revised, in order to avoid large mould mold modification. simple said, is the guest TO the 3D map (if you have no 3D map, cad can also), prototype factory will be your drawing files into the computer, in the plastic plate (can be thick ABS board, or pp board, according to your products used materials selected) carving cutting, is carved out of the shape of your product in the plate above, will not be part of the excised, left behind by the shape of the component products.
    Palm game machine is one of the most common plastic prototype, carried out through their games machine hand control, can as an understanding of the design drawings of the shortcomings, thus can be in the process of mass production of the hereafter will be down the loss to a minimum.

    The game machine is cnc machining prototype usually used way, it is a current most popular prototype of production methods, its principle is to use a cnc machine raw material carved prototype products first, and then through the manual processing, do out into your own want samples.