Industrial development process

Industrial development process:

1. 3D design for the industrial designs(ID) and the mechanism design(MD)
most of the customer have the 3D designs of the industrial design, it’s about the appearance of the products. but for the real production , your products needs also the structural design , it’a about how’s the structural of inside you product, how’s components should place inside you productions.

and the most important for the final production , when we do the mechanism design , we also must take into consideration of the molding design , what’s the best way for the molding is also the key for the final production.

2.after finish the ID and MD process, for produce the shell of the prototype , we use 3D printer or CNC machine to produce the shells and components of the prototype.

3.with the shells and components , we will have the appearance and colors of the prototype. the if you are requiring a full functional prototype , we will also cooperate to the electronics engineer to build the functions for the requirements of the products.

4. start molding produce and quantity production of the product.