3D print(3d design and printing)

    3D print is the new way for the industrial prototyping  
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3D industrial print is the fastest way to product the prototype, the specialty for 3D print is the production speed , compare to CNC machine , for the inner structure , 3D printer can be more accurate , but the prototype produce by 3D printer is more crisp, take the screw column for example, if it’s produce by 3D printer , it will break when you twisting the screws.(3d design and printing)

Usually just research and development or design prototype completed products are needed to be done (prototype), prototype is tested products the feasibility of the first step, is to identify deficiencies, deficiencies, the drawbacks of design products most directly and effective manner, thereby contributing to deficiencies in the targeted improvements in, until can't from individual prototype to identify weaknesses in the samples. in addition, normally there is also a need for a small amount of trial and thus to identify deficiencies in bulk in order to improve. palm in general with a few samples, production cycle is short, the less loss of human and material resources, quickly find a insufficient to improve product design, provide sufficient basis for setting volume production for products.